Loving kindness and positive energy (series)

by sheshinesbright

copper & rose quartz

copper & rose quartz

In addition to the acrylic flower pendant I introduced last time, I brought this little copper and rose quartz beauty home from Maui with me. When Erin first shared a few of her pieces with us, I immediately gravitated toward this piece and knew it belonged with me. I’ve worn it so many times recently that I’ve lost track of all adventures we’ve been on.

There was that 2 hour traffic jam on my way into the city for lunch with a friend, for example. While the insane Chicago drivers were tempting me to join them in their insanity, I found myself turning these words from Erin’s website into a calming mantra: “love kindness and positive energy”. In fact, I say that to myself a lot these days.

This necklace was also the perfect complement to the yoga pants and flowing white top I donned for an intro to ballet class with a wonderfully quirky group of girlfriends. While I’d never describe myself as graceful, I certainly looked the part. Isn’t that the power of great accessories?

To me, these pieces are so much more than accessories. They hold wonderful memories from an incredible experience and embody the passionate work of a talented woman. This wearable art inspires me to be kind, follow my own passions, and share positive energy everywhere I go.

And since I am really very bad at take selfies … here’s a headless shot of me wearing my necklace at work: