Sharing stories

by sheshinesbright

Shared on Facebook (Nov 19th)

Sometimes, humanizing a big issue can shift your perspective. While the majority of my Facebook family are promoting love instead of fear, this is for those of you still wrestling with the idea of closing our country’s doors to refugees.

My grandmother was born in Syria.
My grandfather was born Israel.
My father, aunts, and uncle were born and raised in Lebanon. And during the Lebanese civil war, immigrated to America. Though they were sponsored by family and did not come seeking asylum, they were indeed refugees fleeing a war torn country. The combined ethnic backgrounds and countries of origin of this family (and the political climate and war at the time) would have been reason enough to fear them and turn them away.

Today, my grandfather owns a plumbing business. My grandmother, before she died, was a mother and a healer. And my dad is a Marine. He served 26 years. And I am here. You know me. And I wouldn’t be here if my family had been turned away.

It’s okay to be scared of what might happen in the future. Consider that there are many, many ways that a situation can turn out. Refugees might come to this country and a few might commit acts of terror. This is true. And many others will raise families that become like my family. If you’re struggling with this issue, I’m offering our story as one that can help put a human face to this very very big issue.