Radiant as F*ck

by sheshinesbright

A good friend recommended that I watch this documentary, The Nature of Existence, and even though it took me a few months to sit down and actually do it, I’m glad I did.

The cinematography is nothing to write home about, but I’m quite sure that anyone who has questioned the origin of humans and the Universe (whether you’re religious or not) would enjoy this film. From a spiritual leader in CA named Aha (who beautifully proclaims that his purpose in life is to be “radiant as fuck”) to religious leaders in Israel, Ultimate Christian Wrestlers (this is a thing), and even Richard Dawkins, this documentary explores vast and varied belief systems.

My take away was pretty simple: all humans are looking for a comforting way to explain our existence. Each path is a little bit different, and those differences are no reason to judge, exclude, or hate others. We’re all little humans in a big universe, let’s just get along and be radiant as fuck while we’re alive.

Find out more here: http://thenatureofexistence.com/
And watch it on Netflix.